Join me for live cooking in The Sensitive Foodie Kitchen

Baked vegan cheesecake - Saturday 23rd January 2.30-4pm

If you love cheesecake, but thought that going dairy-free or plant-based meant it was off the menu, then think again! In this live cooking class, we will make a gorgeously creamy and delightfully light baked 'cheesecake' for you to enjoy.  

This recipe is suitable for anyone following a low fat or whole-food diet for health or who has food intolerances that means dairy, eggs and/or gluten have to be omitted. There's no refined oil or and minimal refined ingredients. Recipes like this really showcase how 'free from' does not mean free from flavour or enjoyment!

Cooking together means you can follow my lead, ask questions as you go along, get direct guidance from me and just have a fun afternoon cooking and chatting with others.

Once you have booked your class, you will have access to the ingredients to get ready as well as the dedicated class zoom link.

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What people think........

Tasty workshop

by Emma

I enjoyed the LIVE Yule Log making workshop that I did with Karen. A fantastic plant-based chocolate log, I made it look quite good and it tasted delicious. I also gifted my husband Karen's book for Christmas. Thank you Karen.

Brilliant class

by Claire

I did a live cooking class with Karen and it was BRILLIANT… I made a yummy plant based Christmas day lunch alternative and it was delicious!!!

Foil on and waiting to be cooked!

by Debbie

Thanks Karen. Really enjoyed this afternoon. My vegan lasagne has its foil on and is waiting to be it feels done so very happy.